arquivo do mês: [10, 2012]

filmes vistos em outubro

>> no cinema
skyfall ~ sam mendes, 2012 ***
premium rush ~ david koepp, 2012 ***

>> em casa
on the road ~ walter salles, 2012 ***
360 ~ fernando meirelles, 2012 **

versão livre #43: I’m no superman

1. i’m no superman, scrubs
2. i need a doctor, the drums
3. i went to the hospital, cass mccombs
4. doctors and dealers, dirty pretty things
5. in the hospital, friendly fires
6. medication, new build
7. doctor robert, the beatles
8. hospital bills, the cinematics
9. doctor’s orders, sonic youth
10. hospital food, eels
11. doctor blind, emily haines
12. i don’t want to die (in the hospital), conor oberst

12 músicas, 70 mb, 43.5 min [download zipfile / ouvir em 8tracks.com]
horas intermináveis em hospitais….


toda a tua confiança é cínica:
a intemporal esperança
que tudo se quebre.

[versão livre de simple answer ~ grizzly bear]

waiting in the isles

it’s the middle of nowhere, and its closer than you might think. the splendid remoteness of the azores is just over two hours by air from lisbon, about three from london, a little more than four from boston.

the nine islands were discovered in stages in the mid-15th century by a sucession of portuguese explorers. today, the azores are an autonomous region of portugal, home to about 250 000 souls – and possibly the single most under-value under-exploited asset in the world.

the admittedly unscientific sample of taxi drivers, shopkeepers and bartenders consulted while visiting são miguel, the largest and most populated of the islands, confirms that the azores are a nice place to live: temperature, friendly, safe, peaceful, inexpensive, offering ready access to beaches, countryside and mountains.

however, it is not necessary to spend much time to begin wondering why portugal doesn’t do more with the azores, especially given the presently cobwebbed state of national coffers. it seems a bit like going out panhandling when you have an attic full of rembrants.

andrew mueller, monocle issue 57 – october 2012

outro eu

aquela zona era, assim, um micro-espaço dentro de um micro-espaço, […] uma ilha dentro de uma ilha.
fez-se luz, catarina branco


uma imagem serena –
{antes do fim}
– para me lembrar
qual dos teus ‘eus‘ realmente partiu.

[versão livre de half gate, grizzly bear]