arquivo do mês: [06, 2012]

filmes vistos em junho

>> no cinema
wuthering  heights ~ andrea arnold, 2012 ****
les demoiselles de rochefort ~ jacques demy &  agnès varda, 1967 ****
prometheus ~ ridley scott, 2012 ***
cosmopolis ~ david cronenberg, 2012 **


aproxima-te mais um pouco:
abraça-me outra vez.
serra-me o esterno.
arranca-me o coração.

é teu.

[versão livre de fineshrine ~ purity ring, 2012]

endless crucifixion

agamenon-marat crucified in their baths
hollywood playbod crucified in his
swimming pool
proust crucified on his memory
the gambler crucified on probability
rimbaud crucified in his leg
the alchemist cricified on his crucible
james dean crucified on his car
icarus crucified on the sun
marilyn monroe crucified on her image
che guevara crucified on the revolution
the saigon buddhists crucified on a
gasoline tank
al capone crucified on his income tax
artaud crucified on the well of his mind
heloise and abelard crucified on each other
dylan thomas crucified in new york
empedocles crucified on a volcano
plato crucified on an idea
lorca crucified in a bullet
mayakosky crucified on everyday life
marxism crucified by stalin
a tree crucified by its branches
jesus crucified by the church
gerard de nerval crucified on a rope
hypatia crucified on her intellect
peregrinos crucified on his funeral pyre
socrates crucified on example
satan crucified on his pride
love crucified by impotence
weakness crucified by fear
man crucified by himself
madame de recamier crucified on her couch
de sade crucified on his imagination
niettshe crucified on his genius
kierkeggard crucified on his god
kafka crucified on suspicion
nobody crucified on nothing
jacques vache crucified on his idea of man
jacques rigau crucified on his tie
hemingway crucified on his idea of man
g.m.crucified on a image from his past
hitler crucified on ice
spartacus crucified on slavery
mind crucified on a machine
a monkey crucified wuthin man
sex crucified by desire
space crucified by time
einstein crucified relativity
saint just crucified on no freedom for the
enemies of freedom
robespierre crucified on the absolute
oscar wilde crucified on sex
new your crucified on the subway
london crucified by boredom
paris crucified by intelligence
athens crucified on nothingness
rome crucified by the past
moscow crucified by vladivostock
turkey crucified by guilt
heroism crucified opportunity
glory crucified by ridicule
descartes crucified by reason
raymond lully crucified on superstition
queerdom crucified in a latrine
utopia crucified on something
life crucified by meaning
impulse crucified by society
melody crucified sentiment
ugliness crucified by beauty
today crucified by tomorrow
now crucified by what comes next
moonlight crucified by the sanity
poetry crucified by me.

nanos valaoritis



[quase 5 horas, 62 concertos para os próximos dias]

alguém lhe perguntou um dia
“morres por mim ?”, ao que ele dizia
“eu não”

[bom homem ~ os pontos negros, 2012]

You Really Got Me

girl, you really got me goin’
you got me so I don’t know what I’m doin’, now
yeah, you really got me now
you got me so I can’t sleep at night

mad men, episódio 11, temporada 5