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atrás de ti o caminho luminoso
como se o abismo tivesse uma cabeleira branca.

josé tolentino de mendonça

quatro tiros no coração

certas manhãs chegava
esmagado pela luz
longo, frívolo, ofensivo
qualquer gesto aludia
a uma espécie de temor
a tristeza daqueles que pertencem
a lugar nenhum

vivia tudo num instante
a solidão, os rancores
as alegrias dos outros
o silêncio do outono

nunca o amor tocara o seu corpo
com a intensidade do medo
tornou-se parte de um rio
nem perto, nem longe
da palavra justa

ele só pedia
“não me digam nada”.

josé tolentino de mendonça

a que distância deixaste o coração?

a casa onde às vezes regresso é tão distante
da que deixei pela manhã
no mundo
a água tomou o lugar de tudo
reúno baldes, estes vasos guardados
mas chove sem parar há muitos anos

durmo no mar, durmo ao lado do meu pai
uma viagem se deu
entre as mãos e o furor
uma viagem se deu: a noite abate-se fechada
sobre o corpo

tivesse ainda tempo e entregava-te
o coração.

josé tolentino de mendonça

There’s something in you…

[vertigo ~ alfred hithchock, 1958]

Because I remind you of someone?

She turns away and wanders into the room toward the window. She sits down in the chair to think it over, looking straight at her, then suddenly reaches out and snaps off the light.
JUDY (Frightened): Listen, what’d you do that for?!?! She starts to rise.
SCOTTIE (Quickly): No, Judy, I’m not going to move!Please! Stay in the chair!
JUDY: Why?!
SCOTTIE: Please! And don’t look at me.
She subsides in the chair, and obeys, looking straight ahead again, holding very still, apprehensive. The only light in the room is from the street lamp outside, and it silhouettes Judy in profile, robbing her of hair-color, robbing her of makeup, and Scottie stares across at her, unsure, wishing he could persuade himself.
SCOTTIE (Softly): Will you, Judy?

[vertigo ~ alfred hithchock, 1958]

All the time

He races after her and catches her and holds her, and she is against him, clinging tightly, deep in his embrace, and sobbing fiercely.
MADELEINE (Muffled, against his breast): I’m not mad. I’m not mad. And I don’t want to die, but there’s someone inside me, there’s a somebody else, and she says I must die… Scottie,don’t let me go!
SCOTTIE: I’m here, I’ve got you…
MADELEINE:I’m so afraid…(She looks up)…you won’t let it happen…
Her face is close to his and they are clinging tightly together. He shakes his head, and then suddenly his mouth is on hers, and they are deep in a kiss. Their lips part, but remain close together.
MADELEINE(Whispering): Don’t leave me… stay with me…
SCOTTIE: All the time.
They kiss again, passionately. And the wind blows and the waves dash against the rocks, throwing up a curtain of spray.

[vertigo ~ alfred hithchock, 1958]

Why am I here? What happened?

From his viewpoint, we see Madeleine standing at the waters’edge. She is mechanically tearing off the lace-edged paper from the nosegay. Scottie watching her curiously. Madeleine lets the paper drift away down to the water. She proceeds to unwind the wire around the flowers and begins to scatter them an the water. Scottie watching Madeleine.The full figure of Madeleine, scattering the rest of the flowers. Then she raises her head and stares up at the sky. A moment in which her body seem poised, and then she is gone, lost to view in the water. Scottie dashes around the wall and the camara pans him to the water’s edge. He is throwing his coat off. Shooting down into the water, we see Madeleine’s upturned face as she floats away. She disappears now and again. Scottie running down the few stone steps towards the water. When the water is up to his knees, he swims out towards her. Her eyes staring, sinks beneath the water. She is surrounded by the scattered flowers. Scottie swims in and grabs her.As he holds her, the two heads are pressed together. He turns and starts to swim back with her. The screen is filled with their two heads. Madeleine’s staring eyes begin to close as she is moved away.

[vertigo ~ alfred hithchock, 1958]


1. put the lights on the tree ~ sufjan stevens
2. christmas time is here ~ woods
3. baby, its cold outside ~ she & him
4. christmas baby, please come home ~ slow club
5. don’t be late ~ catwalk
6. home for the holiday ~ emmy the great & tim wheeler
7. everything is one big christmas tree ~ the magnetic fields
8. little drummer boy ~ pink martini
9. someday at christmas ~ jack johnson
10. carol of the bells ~ the bird and the bee
11. all i want for christmas is you ~ matt costa
12. pratically immaculate ~ crystal stilts
13. its christmas ~ fanfarlo
14. jinglebell rock ~ arcade fire
15. nuclear christmas ~ eastern conference champions
16. i am blessed ~ nina simone
17. it’s christmas time ~ yo la tengo
18. winter wonderland ~ john blaze
19. i want a hippopoytamus for christmas ~ anya marina
20. le cantique de noel ~ royksopp
21. the cowboy’s christmas ball ~ the killers
22. that was the worst christmas ever! ~ sufjan stevens

22 músicas, 60 minutos, 100mb (download zip file)
é natal, alegria e paz para o mundo!

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em breve veremos
que não há tempo
para respirar.

[versão livre de there’s never enough time, postal service]


we’re not bad people…we just come from a bad place…

[shame ~ steve mcqueen, 2011]

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